MIMO - resource-efficient buildings

The Solar Decathlon Europe is the largest international university competition for sustainable building and living in cities. In June 2022, the Solar Decathlon Europe came to Germany for the first time, and also for the first time, it dedicated to concrete building tasks in existing buildings. The 18 university teams from eleven nations developed concepts for sustainable building gap closures, additions and extensions.


Silent Gliss Germany is a partner and supports the MIMO team from Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences (HSD). As an interdisciplinary team of professors, students and employees from all seven departments (architecture, design, electrical and information engineering, mechanical and process engineering, media, social and cultural sciences, economics), a solution for resource-efficient buildings was being developed together under the guiding principle “Minimal Impact - maximum Output” (MIMO). This means doing only what adds value to the place and creates maximum benefit with minimum impact. 


Starting on 20 May 2022, all 18 teams built their representative 1:1 cut outs on the “Solar Campus”, - as fully functional residential modules measuring around 100 square meters. The teams had just 14 days to do this.