Silent Gliss Best Projects

The latest collection of notable window shading projects

Silent Gliss, the leading supplier of premium window treatments introduce the new edition of their Best Projects brochure. In partnership with some of the most sought-after architects and interior designers, the brochure highlights a stunning collection of the most notable window shading projects from around the world.


Throughout Europe, to Australia, Africa, the Middle East, and the Caribbean, Silent Gliss curtain and blind systems continue to shade the most prominent windows in the most remarkable places. The Best Projects brochure proudly presents twenty case studies which illustrate how the technical expertise and design of Silent Gliss systems translate into beautiful internal shading solutions.


From hotels to homes; Silent Gliss knows no boundaries
Best Projects demonstrates the versatility of Silent Gliss products, presenting the wide range of systems installed in a variety of settings. Including public spaces, listed buildings, award winning hotel resorts, and mesmerising homes. Even cruise ships receive the Silent Gliss treatment! For over 70 years, we remain the number one choice for architects and designers to deliver shading solutions for the world’s most prestigious buildings.


Download the Best Projects Brochure