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Shift Exhibition by AVPD, Odense, Denmark

"Shift" is an installation consisting of four electric curtain track systems SG 5300 with semi-transparent curtains that move in the room. Each curtain is fifteen metres long and five metres tall, hung on four motorised tracks. Creating passages without beginning and without end, it transforms the room into a space that is constantly adapting.


The work conveys an afterthought about how our bodies sense and read a room. The curtains change individually on the rails, controlled by a computer algorithm according to the principle of coincidence. The view of the surrounding space is transformed by the unpredictable motion of the curtains, and the physical relation and visual connection between people in the room is altered by the curtains' position. The duplication and overlap of the layers enhances the colours of the curtains and reduces the transparency.


In their movement the curtains form temporary passages in the room, continuously being created and erased, they re-frame the meeting between man and space.

Shift is exhibited in the Sculpture Hall at Brandts 13, and turns the room into a constant flow of new, temporary space constellations. The curtains' movement forms temporary spaces and proposes new encounters between space and people.