Silence in Black

Black shading systems from Silent Gliss

Silent Gliss has expanded its range of window treatments to include completely black curtain and blind systems:


Curtain tracks: SG 1080, 3840, 3870, 5600, 6010, 6100, 6465, 6840, 6870, 6970
Roman blind: SG 2305
Metropole: SG 7600, 7605, 7610, 7620
Roller blinds: SG 4910, 4930, 4960, 4970
Dim-out blinds: SG 4710, 4730, 4740, 4760, 4770, 4780


Black is the new black
Black interiors create extraordinary possibilities in room design, playing an important role in both traditional and contemporary interiors. Its versatility means black has always been attributed to architects and designers alike as a standard colour, it is timeless. Black can add depth to an interior, it is a colour that exudes power, elegance, and luxury.


Black puts colours in the shade 
Silent Gliss has introduced black as a standard colour across much of its product range – a unique combination of modern design and high-quality functionality. Made to measure by hand and adaptable to any room or window, black is now available in a variety of curtain and blind systems including the patented two-component glider. This comprehensive collection is synonymous with the company name – because, after all ‘Silence is Black’.